Advanced Resource Solutions

About Advanced Resource Solutions

Advanced Resource Solutions, Inc. (ARS) is a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting firm specializing in land use, recreation and travel management planning, GPS route/facility inventories, route marker installation, public outreach and mediation, and the preparation of environmental documentation. The staff is fully integrated with specialists in travel management, recreation and land use planning, environmental documentation and compliance, wilderness planning, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), environmental law, air quality, plant community ecology, environmental monitoring, landscape architecture, ecology, wildlife and population biology, geology, geomorphology, and biogeography.

In addition to a broad environmental background, ARS staff members have decades of direct experience in motorized recreation planning with federal, state and local governmental agencies in several states in the western United States. A great deal of this experience has centered on working with these agencies on land use documents that include as a major component, issues related to the management of public access (including off-highway vehicle recreation) in locations often characterized by sensitive habitats or species.

ARS has developed the Route Evaluation Process© for travel management/land use planning that considers applicable environmental, legal, commercial and policy factors.The Route Evaluation Process© flowchart gives the prospective client specific guidance as to what steps need to be taken throughout the travel management planning process. The Route Evaluation Process© addresses legal and environmental concerns including NEPA, ESA, Presidential Executive Orders, BLM and USDA Forest Service Organic Acts, Mining and Grazing Acts, environmental constraints, recreation needs, and economic considerations.As a step within this process, the Route Evaluation© software is utilized as a tool to collect data into a database. This data can be utilized as a reference tool for future planning projects, to assist with route evaluation/designation, and to compile data for use during the NEPA analysis phase of a planning process.

The staff at ARS has worked with many agencies, including the Bureau of Land Management, USDA Forest Service, National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Marine Fisheries Service, US Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency and numerous State agencies. This experience has allowed the staff to hone their skills in land use planning, environmental compliance (e.g., NEPA, ESA), performing GPS inventory, public hearings, responding to comments, GIS analysis, environmental monitoring, and the development of innovative land use and travel management solutions.